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RoomDex 2.2 is now available. New features include flexible schedules and enhanced output that is easier to read. Click here to download your demo copy of RoomDex



Who We Are:

Watzman Associates, Inc. build custom solutions that work for your business. We take the time to understand your information requirements, and then thoughtfully and carefully build an information system that solves your business problem. We work with you every step of the way, creating a system that works, and works the way your company wants.

Since 1987, Watzman Associates has solved business problems using FileMaker Pro and other tools for a wide range of organizations. Our clients include some of the largest companies in the world, non-profit organizations, school systems, and small businesses. Using our knowledge and experience, we build solutions that track service engineers across the US, handle school attendance, analyze and chart plant safety, register people for workshops, and a variety of other tasks that enable people to work more efficiently.


Our Software:

RoomDex is a program that will enable you to quickly schedule meetings and other activities in your organization's conference rooms, laboratories, computer labs, or any other location. RoomDex can help you to arrange most any event in multiple buildings and locations. Arrange regularly scheduled meetings (for example, every week for the next 3 weeks from 8:00AM to 11:00AM), and RoomDex will tell you if there's a conflicting event.

View screen shots and more information about RoomDex.

Download a demo copy of RoomDex.

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Custom Development Projects:

An international engineering firm, Katzen International, designs Ethanol plants. Watzman Associates was commissioned to rewrite their legacy FileMaker 5 solution using FileMaker 8.5. This software will manage and deliver most of their design specifications for the building of ethanol plants throughout the world.

Oak Hills Local School District in Cincinnati, a long-time client, asked us to build them a Student Performance Data Warehouse. This solution enables their teaching staff to rapidly access the myriad of student performance data available. This transformational project will enable Oak Hills teachers to analyze student classroom performance and structure their lesson plans based on that data.

Talawanda School District commissioned Watzman Associates to build an Electronic Report Card solution for their schools. The first phase of this standards-based system enables Kindergarten through Grade 5 teachers to enter their students' results online, having all cards printed in a batch by office personnel. The district anticipates significant time savings for their already busy teaching staff. Click here for more details and screen images of this transforming solution.

Watzman Associates, Inc. designed a Loan Origination solution for Franklin Savings in Cincinnati. The system, which prepared all required forms for a loan closing, enables the bank to save about 30 minutes for each loan they originate.

View screen shots of a Personnel Recruiting Project we created for a school district. Using a web browser, potential teaching candidates complete a basic application and attach a resume. When submitted, the candidate application is available district-wide using a FileMaker database solution.


Our Clients:

Thank you to the people who have made us successful.

Monroe Township School District, a school district in central New Jersey.

The Art Company, a Cincinnati company that provides full-service art consultation and in-house custom framing.

The Kettering Foundation, a Dayton, Ohio research foundation

Katzen International, Inc., consulting engineers in Cincinnati

IMPACT Safety Programs, Columbus, Ohio

University of Mississippi, Dept. of Outreach & Continuing Education

Hamilton Local Schools, Columbus, Ohio

Talawanda School District, Butler County, Ohio

Greene County Educational Service Center, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Oak Hills Local School District, Cincinnati, Ohio

Buffalo Wild Wings, world famous chicken wings

Franklin Savings, a Cincinnati financial institution

Baldwin Gilman, LLC, Cincinnati personnel recruiters

Trenwa, Inc., pre-cast concrete trench systems in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

ICRC, Intercommunity Cable Regulatory Commission

Norwood City Schools, Norwood, Ohio

FMPtraining.com, hands-on FileMaker training

Watzman Associates: a proud member of FileMaker Solutions Alliance since 1995.

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