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Get your own demo copy of RoomDex by selecting either the Windows or Macintosh version below. The demo version is fully functioning, although meetings cannot be added after RoomDex demo has been launched eight times.

RoomDex is available in a single-user version, found in the demo below. RoomDex may also be licensed in a multi-user version which requires FileMaker Pro 5 (or better). FileMaker Server for Windows, Macintosh, or Linux is highly recommended.

Download the RoomDex Demo

RoomDex for Windows

Single-user Demo

20.8mb EXE file

RoomDex for Macintosh OSX

Single-user Demo

30.5mb DMG file (compressed)

Purchase RoomDex!

Single-User for Windows or Macintosh


Multiple User version. Requires FileMaker Pro with FileMaker Server recommended.


RoomDex Developer version. Full access to scripts, layouts, and the entire code base. Enables modification for integration with your own FileMaker solution (not for resale). Requires FileMaker Pro with FileMaker Server recommended.


Contact us for resale pricing


How to Order

Order Direct
RoomDex may be purchased directly from Watzman Associates, Inc. through check or money order, invoice, or purchase order. To purchase RoomDex, please contact Watzman Associates at 513.528.7474 or send email to info@watzmanassociates.com.

Order Online
Coming soon.

Regardless how you order, your business is appreciated! Thank you.

Contact Watzman Associates, Inc.
Email: info@watzmanassociates.com
Phone: 513.528.7474

17 Apple Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255

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