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RoomDex is a scheduling program that makes scheduling easy! Arrange events such as meetings, conferences, ball games and other activities with a few simple clicks and keystrokes. Plan repeating events, spanning several days, weeks, or even months. View and print daily and weekly schedules. If the located is already booked, RoomDex will let you know so you can make different arrangements.

RoomDex is designed to eliminate all those “black notebooks” frequently found when managing event locations. Use RoomDex to schedule activities conference rooms, laboratories, gymnasiums, studios, labs, parks or just about anywhere. RoomDex is used by schools, businesses, colleges, churches, or any organization needing to schedule activities.

RoomDex is simple to use, but capable. Schedules all types of events and activities. Share schedules with other staff. Plan regularly scheduled events. All done with a few simple clicks and keystrokes.

RoomDex is available in a single-user license for $110 as well as in a multiple user version for $269. The multi-user version requires FileMaker Pro 8.5 or greater. Both are available for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

We also offer RoomDex Developer, a completely open version of RoomDex for those who wish to further customize our software. RoomDex Developer enables access to all its scripts and layouts, making it fully accessible for those wishing to integrate RoomDex into their own FileMaker solutions. Pricing for RoomDex Developer starts at $795. Please contact Neal Watzman for further details.

Download a demo copy of RoomDex from our website and give it a try!


So, LOSE the black notebook. USE RoomDex!