A Look at the Texas Guard Industry

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The Role of Professional Security Guards

The role of professional security guards is to protect the business and property from the threats that come in. They are more than just a uniformed presence. They can be armed with firearms and have special training in dealing with violent situations.

Security guards are an important part of any business’s security plan, but they’re not always enough to keep people safe.

Security guards are an important asset to the security of a property. They are trained and licensed to protect businesses and property from threats, but they also play a role in preventing crime. Security guards can be found in many different industries, from hospitals to retail stores. These people work in a wide range of industries such as retail stores, banks, airports, hospitals etc. to provide protection to the people and property they are assigned to.

Security guards are usually hired by private companies or organizations, but some police departments also employ them for crowd control or other special situations.

Security guards are the ones who protect and secure businesses, properties, and people from threats. The presence of these security professionals is often mandated by law or regulation in some places. For example, the state of Texas requires certain types of businesses to provide at least one armed security guard for a predetermined number of people. In some industries, a specific security guard to occupancy ratio is required.

Required Training for Security Guards in Texas

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) is the state regulatory agency for all law enforcement officers in Texas. TCOLE sets standards for training and certifies law enforcement officers to enforce the criminal and traffic laws of Texas, as well as other duties related to public safety. TCOLE also sets standards for armed private guards, security officers, and fire marshals.

Security guards are required to be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED certificate, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who has lived in the United States for at least three years without interruption before applying for certification with TCOLE, not have been convicted of any felony offense or more than one misdemeanor offense punishable by fine only (except traffic offenses), not have been convicted of other certain crimes.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) requires all armed security officers to have a minimum of 40 hours of training. The course includes instruction on firearms, defensive tactics, arrest procedures, and first aid. DPS also requires that an applicant be at least 18 years old and in good physical condition.

Defending The Assets of Texas Businesses

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the state law enforcement agency. The DPS is in charge of enforcing laws and regulations related to public safety and security. The DPS has a variety of jobs for security guards, private contractors, and public law enforcement officers.

Security guards are employed by private companies like Enforce Security Services, Inc. (https://enforcesecurity.com/security-guards-houston/) to protect their property from theft or vandalism. Security officers are employed by the government or a business for protection against crime, fire, or accidents. Private contractors provide security services to businesses that need more officers than they can hire themselves. Public law enforcement officers enforce state criminal laws at the local level and are typically employed by a city or county government agency.

Texas is a state in the Southern United States with a population of 28.86 million people as of 2016. Texas is ranked as the second most populous state after California with an estimated population growth rate from 2010-2016 at 3.68%. The median age for Texans is 37 years old. Texas has a diverse economy with the oil industry being one of its major contributors to the state’s wealth. The top industries in Texas are mining, construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade, transportation and warehousing. With so much prosperity, the need for a competent security industry is high.

The Cost of Competent Security Guard Services

Security Guard on Walkie TalkieThe average security guard salary is $11.67 per hour with a range of $8 to $14 per hour depending on experience and location of work. The average security guard salary for those with five years or more experience is $12 per hour with a range of $10 to $14 per hour depending on experience and location of work.

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Security guards and private contractors are paid per hour and public law enforcement officers are paid by the hour, salary, or commissioned. The following table provides a comparison of what to expect in terms of pay rates, income, and earnings for security guards and private contractors in Texas.

The average earnings for a private security contractor vary depending on what type of work they do, where they work and where they live. The average salary for a private security contractor is $31,000. Private security contractors are usually hired by companies to protect their employees and assets during normal business hours. However, they also perform a number of other tasks such as transporting goods and providing armed protection during events that don’t fall under this category of work. Some private security contractors work on a contract-by-contract basis while others are employed full time.

Understanding Armed Security Guards

Firearms training is required by law for all armed security guards in many states, including Texas, Florida, and California. In some cases, firearms training is also required for unarmed security guards who work in high-risk environments such as correctional facilities or nuclear power plants.

Armed Vs. Unarmed Security Guards

Security Guard making hand gesture to stopSecurity guards are not only tasked with protecting people and property. They are also in charge of providing customer service and building a positive rapport with the public. This is why unarmed security officers may be a better choice for certain types of businesses.

Unarmed security officers aren’t hired to use force, while armed security guards are expected to use lethal force when needed. In most cases, unarmed security officers patrol the property and report any incidents they may have encountered. Some unarmed officers might also be in charge of controlling crowds at events such as concerts or sporting events.

Armed security guards are typically hired when there is a high likelihood of violence occurring on the property. They patrol the area and respond to any incidents that may occur on site. Armed security guards also have other duties such as providing first aid, escorting people from the premises, and preventing theft or vandalism.

The difference between armed and unarmed security guards is that armed guards are allowed to use lethal weapons, such as firearms, to protect the property and people in the area. Unarmed security officers are not allowed to use lethal weapons, but they can call for backup if needed.

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